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  • Leather Flower Bracelet by Heather Ramsay

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    Printed and embellished Leather Flower Bracelet by Heather Ramsey.  Heather Ramsey creates steam punk style jewelry out of Long Beach, Washington! This bracelet features a printed brown leather strap with 2 snap closure for a great adjustable fit. Wood grain printed leather oval center with metal studs layered with a leather word printed flower center and a black rhinestone.  Along side the layered center piece are 2 printed leather flowers also centered with a black rhinestone.

    Adjustable wrist measuring 5.5"-6"

    Made in Long Beach, Washington

    Meet the artist: Heather Ramsay from Long Beach, Washington!

    For artist Heather Ramsay, jewelry design is an ongoing exploration of composition, materials, and technique. Her inspiration comes from arenas as diverse as theater, typography, and the forests near her home and studio on the coast of Washington State. Central to her work is an urban experience of nature, visible in the images in her hand-embossed silver, as well as her use of natural stone, and colorful "cast-off" human made materials, transformed by re-fabrication. By coupling recycled tin, aluminum, rubber, flooring materials, and other "scrap" with precious metal Ramsay shows us a new dimension of re-use, and a thoughtful exploration of what is beautiful, spirited and individual.

    "Jewelry is an intriguing area of design and composition because ultimately it is a collaboration between the artist and the person who chooses it to wear. No design is really complete until it is worn"